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We develop and market simple and effective websites.

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Simple Websites can assist you with a website, marketing your website and social media.

Websites are quickly becoming the new storefront. Business owners must adapt and engage or be steamrolled by the competition.

Simple Website

Businesses must have an internet web presence. Prospects and clients judge businesses by the professionalism, design, format, layout and messaging that you have placed in front of the world via the internet.

Your Website Must Have Visitors

Businesses must be aware of marketing their websites through Search Engine Optimization as well as paid advertising. Both channels compliment one another and make investment dollars more effective.

Social Media

An effective social media strategy is key to keeping your company, brand, products and services in front of your customers and prospects. In addition it adds to your company's credibility and SEO power.

Think of Simple Websites as a part-time employee, but less expensive, gets results without the cost, headaches and hassles of having to train, office, manage and oversee..

If you're a large conglomerate you probably have a team of full time staff that manage the things that Simple Websites offers. Moreover if they are effective, you're probably paying them high salaries and you're probably happy to do it because they are an investment in your business that shows a positive return. Simple Websites is designed to accommodate businesses that don't have enormous in-house budgets but that still recognize the critical importance of competing online. We work to keep our overhead low so that you can cover the cost of not only the human resources needed to grow your website, company , brand and messaging, but to have money to buy traffic and visitors to your website. Many small and medium businesses that dont have an inhouse team can efficiently and effectively outsource their needs to Simple Websites and do it in a manner that aligns with the size and scale of their company.

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  • Rick H
    Our company has had a terrific experience working with Simple Websites.  We got the website setup and began to do some marketing and the phone started ringing.  Now investing in marketing it's a top priority for our company.
    Rick H